At Cumberland Trail Connection, we have superior bicycles and trailers for rental. Our employees can fit you with the bike to best suit your needs.

Hybrid Bike

Please see our rental prices below!

Description MSRP
Rental Panniers Per Day $3.00
Rental Bike 1 Hour $10.00
Rental Returned Muddy $10.00
Rental Trailer 1/2 Day $10.00
Rental Standard 1/2 Day $20.00
Rental Trailer Full Day $20.00
Rental Tandem 1/2 Day $30.00
Rental Standard Full Day $35.00
Rental Tandem Full Day $45.00
Rental Mountain $55.00
Rental Road $55.00
Rental Touring $55.00
Rental E-Bike Full Day $65.00
Rental Trailer Full Week $100.00
Rental Standard Full Week $175.00
Rental Tandem Full Week $200.00
Rental Mountain Full Week $225.00
Rental Road Full Week $225.00
Rental Touring Full Week $225.00
Rental E-Bike Full Week $325.00