Bike Repair & Maintenance

With more than 30 years of combined service experience, Cumberland Trail Connection employees are well equipped to handle all bicycle services and repairs. We can have you back out on the trail in no time. Bring your bike into our shop or we'll pick it up for you in the local area.

For Emergency Repair, call (301) 697-8899 after normal business hours. 


Bicycle Service and Maintenance Rates


Tune-up $49
You should have a tune-up once a year to keep your bike running like new. This tune-up includes:

  • Check the condition of the chain and tires
  • Removal of the cranks to inspect and adjust the bottom bracket
  • Re-installation of the crank, and torquing the bolts to spec.
  • Truing wheels (we take into account radial and lateral as well as spoke tension)
  • Adjust the hubs
  • Adjust the head set
  • Cleaning the frame
  • Replace parts as needed (additional cost for parts and labor)
  • Complete removal and thorough cleaning of the driveline. (Unlike many shops that just take the parts off and toss them into a tank to soak, we thoroughly scrub all the parts to make sure they are as clean as possible.)
  • Reinstall the driveline
  • Lubrication with Pro Gold
  • Instruction on how to properly lubricate the driveline to ensure the driveline stays clean for years to come.

Overhaul $89
The overhaul is a much more extensive reconditioning of the bike. Overhauls almost always require the replacement of worn parts and are a necessity for those seeking to return their bikes to like new condition.

  • Everything included in the Elite tune-up
  • Overhaul all bearings (replace)


Cannondale factory trained Headshock / Lefty fork mechanic on duty to keep your fork working like new.  We recommend  the following preventative maintenance schedule:

Every 2 months or 40 hours of riding:  Inspect boot and re-grease needle bearings.   $14.95

Every 80 hours or once each year:  Inspect boot, grease bearings. re-set bearings, inspect cartridge, and change oil.  $69.95

Labor Service Fees

Brake Adjustment                    $6
Brake Pad Replacement            $8
Cable/Housing Replacement      $8
Brake Replacement                  $12
Hydraulic Brake Bleed              $40

Cable/Housing Replacement       $10
Chain Replacement                    $8
Cogset Replacement                   $8
Derailleur Adjustment F&            $10
Derailleur Replacement               $15
Drivetrain Cleaning                     $35

Headset Adjustment                   $10
Headset Overhaul                       $30
Headset Replacement                 $25

Fix a flat                                      $6
Hub adjustment                           $10
Hub overhaul                               $25
Spoke replacement                       $20
Wheel build                                  $65
Wheel build (out of store parts)      $85
Wheel true                                   $15
Replace wheel - front                     $6
Replace wheel - rear                      $6

Bottom Bracket
Bottom Bracket Adjustment             $12
Bottom Bracket Overhaul                 $25
Bottom Bracket Replacement           $25

Derailleur Alignment                      $25
Dropout Alignment                        $25
Fork Installation                            $45
Suspension Fork Maintenance         $40

Basic computer installation                 $6
Flight deck installation                       $30
Handlebar swap                                $30
Kickstand installation                         $6
Mirror installation                              $6
Pedal installation                               $6
Rear rack installation                         $15
Stem Swap                                       $10
Tape handlebar                                 $15
Handlebar grip replacement                 $6
Replace shifter                                   $20 each

With new bike purchase, accessories are installed free of charge.